What is A “Baddie” ?

Some of you have already heard the term many of times through social media and friends. For those who don’t know, a “Baddie” is a very attractive or hot girl. This, of course, is the informal definition since it’s slang. After doing some extensive research via YouTube and Instagram (yea, had to turn to the top dogs). Like everything else in life, Baddie isn’t limited to one type of person with features that look to have been molded by the gods (I believe in only one God by the way, just saying) . A Baddie to me could easily be considered unattractive or “okay” to you. Duh, you knew that already or at least I hope you did. All this said I’ve begun this blog with all Baddies in mind, and yes I’m talking to you; with yo bad self. A Baddie to me isn’t just a girl judged solely by her looks.  She’s the type of girl who wears her skin like a Dolce & Gabanna, diamond studded suit…or dress; whatever you’re into. She’s the type of girl who has dreams and chooses to act on them, ambitious, strong, level headed, confident and so much more. If you are reading this and fear that this isn’t you, you’ve heavily misjudged yourself. I’m just a Baddie here to help you see the Baddie in you. If you stay tuned I can do just that, blog by blog. Welcome to Baddie Nation!
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