Embrace Your U

Who wants to deal with someone who doesn’t even like themselves. I’ll be the first to raise my hand on that one. What better judge is the opinion one has for oneself. Some of you think that you can conceal it or that’s it’s not noticable. Well I’m here as your friend to tell you that, yeah, we notice (big time) and it’s hindering you from so many opportunities. Now that you’ve been exposed, like a good friend, I’m also going to tell you what to do next. STOP BASHING YOURSELF! Pump the brakes on your self doubt, low self esteem and word bashing. All it does is keep you down. Replace word bashing with encouraging words and build your self up. Self esteem is like a baby. You have to feed, care and lead it in the direction you want it to go until maturity. Maturity is the better you taking form and blossoming into this beautiful   butterfly…studded in diamonds of course. Next, be yourself. I know for a fact that you hear this possibly more than your own name. Being yourself is embracing everything about you. Liking who you are, actually has visible benefits. Some of those benefits being , your own branded look, aesthetic and presents. You feel less stressed and less vulnerable to emotional roller coasters when dealing with other people. You ultimately feel free. Take Erika Lipps for example, she was thin and beautiful. She looked like every other girl to me. A girl trying to find herself and  figuring out who she is and not what people want her to be. Looking at her new photos, I noticed she gained weight and made changes to her appearance. Instead of hiding in the shadows and cowarring away from society expectations and standards, she embraced herself and became an adorable Instagram baddie that has branded herself; a grungy baby doll. You can visibly see her transform from a shadow to a light. She’s so much more beautiful inside and out loving the person she’s become. Don’t be someone else’s shadow ladies, cast your own light! I too have struggled with my identity and it was no easy journey. It won’t be for you either but it will be so worth it. The moral of the story is not to go out and look all weird and what have you on purpose. Do what works for you, embrace your U.

Art is by: Paula Jackson | @paulapocketz | http://www.paulahasonart.com

Baddie of the day Instgram: @erikalipps