Hey guys!

And by guys I mean my 3 wonderful followers! I’ve been nose deep busy with, you know, Netflix and all. You know how it is. Taking a break from anything, even your greatest passions, is necessary. Not for too many reasons but two darn good reasons. One: to recharge, refresh, reboot relax etc. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to get to know yourself a little better. What I normal do after being so busy with life, I let the dust settle and see what’s before me. All of this hard work has left ripples and I want to know if they’re good ones. This opportunity is your time to review all that hard work. You won’t be pleased with it all but that’s okay, now that you see those errors you can imptove them or even change them. Like habits that you’ve acquired years or something else that you’re into. I realize that now after my “reboot” I probably should have posted this entry before my previous blog entry. You see, don’t stress, relax and have some tea.